What do you do if your name is associated with many failures and unethical business behavior? You change it. But just changing some people, the label and part of the business model won‘t do. You also need to clean up the past and take responsibility for what has been done.

What used to be „The Generics Group“ and „Scientific Generics“ is now called „Sagentia“ and has a slighty changed focus. The name of „Generics Asset Management“ was changed to „Chord Capital“.

The combination of „Scientific Generics“ and „Generics Asset Management“ has been a killer poison for many start-ups. In the case of D:VOX e.g. „Generics Asset Management“ repeatedly pretended to have paid „Scientific Generics“ money for work that „Scientific Generics“ claimed to have done, but actually never did, only pretended to have done. Add to that, that the quality of work by „Scientific Generics“ was consistently pathetic and that the investment by „Generics Asset Management“ consisted mainly of paying work by „Scientific Generics“ that was neither properly documented nor fit for any purpose except to prove the inability of „Scientific Generics“ to get the job done.

In the case of D:VOX, „The Generics Group“ gained a solid track record of lying combined with obvious incompetence and of failing to honor even basic contractual and legal obligations. Some of those obligations probably still exist, especially the transfer of all IP they have with anything telecom into a company of which the Generics Group would own 30%. This obligation dates back to 1999...

Some of the core people involved were key high-level executives and board members, such as:

  1. -Prof. Gordon Edge (Generics Group/Sagentia)

  2. -Christopher Coggill (Generics Asset Management/Chord Capital)

  3. -Ralph Strasser (Generics AG)

Details, including contracts and e-mails will be posted to this site soon, so everybody interested can see the facts and make his own judgment.

This is not intended to slander any names or people, it is just a statement of facts and helps to put Sagentia‘s marketing claims into the right perspective.

April, 2008


D:VOX, One of Many Casualties of „UK‘s leading consulting company“